¡Estoy aquí!

I left for training week in Alabama only a week ago. It was a hard goodbye to all my family and friends but I knew what God had called me to do. To be here. I had a 5 day orientation at Nazareth Baptist Church in Rainsville, AL along with 180 other young people going out for the summer. We experienced training for the field including bucket baths, port-o-potties, and so much vital information in preparation that our brains went into overload. It was all so beneficial though. If I had simply come straight to the field, I don´t think I would have been prepared. We learned about real spiritual warfare, catholicism, how to share our story without churchy lingo and some crazy security training (which included some blanks fired in the air to teach us about emergency situations). It was all so great! 

One of my favorite aspects of this time was definitely that of worship. The first night there, we sang and it was amazing. I felt like it was a glimpse of what heaven will be like for sure. Each of us worshipping our Savior and filled with the same exact passion and desire was a beautiful thing.

Also, my team is quite impressive. I wasn´t sure what to expect of them at first but they are all legit in their faith and passionate about ministry. There are 9 of us, two boys and nine girls from all over the United States. I know that they will each be a source of support and encouragement this summer. 

And now, I´m here. My team and I arrived in Oaxaca only a few days ago. We are staying in the city right by the Zocolo. It´s beautiful here. The people are great and I´m excited for what God will do. Culture shock, however, has been a bit difficult for me. I expected to arrive and be completely overwhelmed by everything but that{s not exactly how it happened. The moment I left the airport here in Oaxaca, a flood of homesickness swept over me. I had to call my mom that night to let her know I had arrived safely but it was an emotional short phone call. It has hit me at random times since being here, I think mostly because of the unfamiliarity of it all. But that shall not stop me. I have been out exploring the city and embracing all that is now so most of those former feelings have worn off.

Thus far though, we have had more training in preparation for our later work. It is all such vital information that I do not want to miss out on any of it. Also, I have eaten many Mexican dishes including chilaquiles, entomatadas, y tacos! Friday night we had una fiesta with other people from the  church and many students, it was a lot of fun. I have been practicing my Spanish quite a bit but I still have some work to do of course.

This morning we went to a Spanish evangelical church, which was amazing! Most of our time spent thus far is simply getting oriented with the area. Soon though we will be off to our specific assignments! I will be keeping you all posted 🙂


2 thoughts on “¡Estoy aquí!

  1. Thanks for the good words. We asked today in SS if any word had come from you. We pray for this time of transition and adapting to so much that is new.
    Grace and peace,
    Evelyn and Zeb

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